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Our Holiday in Sydney 2000




Day 4-8

We stayed in Turramura - my sister's home for the rest of the days.

The kids played days and nights.  

They spent their days on bathing in the swimming pool, cleaning the backyard, watching and touching the koala, playing tennis, soccer, basketball, PC games, Monopoly, camping overnight (outside the backyard) ...

The adults of course did most of the watching part.  Watch out for the two "Wonder Women"!

We also visited little Timo.  Old Mom was really happy because she could see all his five grandsons all in one time.

The best part of my days in Turramura was to chat with my sister and sister-in-law every night after dinner on the balcony.  We chatted in leisure and when no one was talking, simply had a fine taste of natural tranquility and a good look at the twinkling stars in the dark summer sky.

We enjoy the trip so much not because we have been to many great tourist attractions.  We enjoy the trip simply because it is a family reunion, a great moment and a very special occasion that bind all our minds together again.





 - End -