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I love painting although I am neither a painter nor an artist  by profession.  Over the years I spent most of my time working with words and languages. 

Luckily I  have never given up my dream of showing the artwork I created years ago.  It's through the Internet that my dream can come true.

Whenever the idea of holding an exhibition flashed across my mind, I would say to myself, "Why bother? You had to mount the work, rent a place, hire a van, send invitations, then a few days later, take everything down and look for a place to keep them!"

Although the artwork I am showing on the net were created some sixteen years ago when I was an art student, they remain an important landmark of my passion towards life.  Throughout the digitalization process, I have sought to inject new meaning to my old work.

What cyber-space means to me is more than mere "space".  It also adds an important dimension of "time".  Now, on the Internet, my paintings can be displayed as long as I want.  There is simply no time limit.

Without the development of internet, I am sure that all my paintings will remain buried among old books and other precious belongings, forming just another part of  the fading memory in the passage of time.

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