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Our Holiday in Sydney 2000




Day 3

We started our day by visiting the famous Queen Victory Building.  It was only a matter of about fifteen minutes walk from our hotel.  At 12:00 noon the "Castle Clock" banged and show some historical (and bloody!?) scenes of the Victorian Age.  

We were joined by Lung, Pun and Vincent and off we went to the Sydney Harbour to head for Manly Beach.  

It was a hot and sunny afternoon.  The harbour view was fantastic and the ferry trip, wonderful.

Manly Beach has become a tourist attraction with a great variety of shops. We did not do much shopping but tasted some really cool and sweet ice-creams. 

Vincent and Pun stayed with us at the Apartment that night.  The four kids spent the whole night cooking (or eating, who knows?) and playing in the dining room.  They kept making all sorts of queer noise throughout the night.  No pictures were taken and what they had done we could never tell.  

It will remain a mystery forever and forever. .




(to be continued)